Ice Cream & Desserts

baked ice cream

We know that ice cream is a great dessert, perhaps the finest dessert in all the land. Maybe we even take ice cream for granted sometime. We know it will always be there for us, with many flavors to choose from, all roads leading to deliciousness.

Speaking of taking ice cream for granted, what you may not know is that ice cream delivers in ways we sometimes forget about. You see, ice cream can be used in a variety of different desserts.

Did you know ice cream can be baked? We know how it is used in Baked Alaska, but there are other ways to incorporate ice cream into delicious baked desserts.

For instance, try your hand at chocolate-peanut butter ice cream bread. You’ll need a couple cups of chocolate ice cream, some self-rising flour and about a cup of peanut butter baking chips. The construction of this cake is fairly simple. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Spray a loaf pan with baking soda. Grab a large bowl and stir the ice cream until it is smooth. Stir in and blend the flour and add the peanut butter chips. Transfer to the pan and bake everything for about 45 minutes. After baking, let it cool on a wire rack for about ten minutes. After ten minutes, invert it on the cooling rack.

You can also try something called baked snowballs. This dessert features ice cream and merengue. You need about a dozen wafer cookies or about a half-dozen slices of your favorite cake. Take the cookies or cake and break them into several small slices to be used evenly among three-inch ramekins. Put the pieces at the bottom of each little dish. Then fill each ramekin with ice cream. Put the ramekins on a cookie sheet and place in the freezer. Next, pre-heat the oven to 500 degrees and beat three egg whites in a bowl. Add a quarter teaspoon of cream of tartar and continue beating. Add a quarter cup of sugar one tablespoon at a time. Then add half a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Remove the ramekins from the freezer and spread the meringue mixture on the top of each one. This will help insulate the ice cream. Bake the snowballs on the cookie sheet for about one to three minutes.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with just enjoying ice cream in its purest form. It’s nice to know ice cream has versatility.

Ice Cream & Pie Season

ice cream pie

It’s not officially fall and fall means pie season. There’s no official start or kickoff like there is with football but it’s hard to dispute that the fall is the time for pies to shine.

Pie goodness is everywhere, including the world of ice cream. If you love ice cream (and who doesn’t love ice cream) but also want to get into the spirit of pie season, consider a praline’s ice cream pie.

Praline’s understands that this is also pumpkin season (people apparently just want to eat pumpkin and pumpkin-flavored things once Labor Day is over). Praline’s gets into the ice cream, pie and pumpkin grove with one delicious dessert. This pumpkin ice cream pie features pumpkin ice cream, then drizzled with sea salted caramel. It is then trimmed with white topping for that authentic pumpkin pie look. This ice cream pie is a seasonal treat, which is a shame because you’ll to enjoy it all year round.

Praline’s ice cream pies do not begin and with pumpkin. There are many delicious Praline’s ice cream pies to choose from:

Consider the Black Bottom ice cream pie. This ice cream pie features a layer of chocolate and a layer of vanilla ice cream with a fudge center.

Coconut Cream pie is a delightful ice cream pie that combines all of what you would expect from a coconut cream pie. It’s Coconut Cream ice cream in a graham cracker shell, topped with toasted coconut.

Mint Chip pie features Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream in a chocolate pie shell. It has fudge in the center and is finished off with drizzled chocolate.

Mud Pie is an ice cream pie that starts with Coffee Oreo ice cream that lives in a chocolate pie shell. It’s topped with drizzled chocolate.

The Nightmare pie is an ice cream lover’s dream. We’re talking chocolate and peanut butter ice cream with chopped up peanut butter cops in a chocolate pie shell. It’s topped off with peanut butter d

The Case of the Stolen Ice Cream Cone

stolen ice cream suspect

Ice cream cones are delicious and crime doesn’t pay.

Those two things were proven to be true in Delaware earlier this summer. That’s where an alleged burglar is accused of breaking into an apartment complex and take some things that did not belong to him, things like a flat screen television and a cable box. Oh, and an ice cream cone.

That decision would result in deliciousness but also come back to haunt him.

Police say the suspect triggered an alarm breaking into an apartment. When police arrived on the scene, they spotted the suspect in a parking lot behind the apartment complex, getting into a car. The allegedly stolen electronic equipment is not what did the man in. Police say they were tipped off by a vanilla fudge ice cream cone.

Seems one of the victims of the break-in told police that an ice cream cone drumstick was among the item stolen from his apartment. Cops spotted a melting ice cream cone in the center console of the burglary suspect’s car.

Police say the suspect’s story wasn’t any stronger than the melting ice cream cone. Authorities say the man told them he got the ice cream cone at a nearby convenience store. That excuse melted away pretty quickly once police realized the empty ice cream box was left inside the robbery victim’s freezer.

The suspect’s night of stolen electronics and ice cream ended up with the suspect behind bars. He faces multiple burglary charges.

There are better ways to spend time enjoying ice cream, ways that won’t result in you facing multiple felony charges. It’s fall. The leaves are getting ready to turn. Head to your nearest Praline’s and indulge in a scoop or two of Apple Caramel Crumb, the ice cream that tastes like fall. It’s delicious and legal.

The Ice Cream Sandwich Incident

ice cream sandwich

Ice cream is a treat, a dessert and an American institution.

But is it a weapon?

Apparently, one professional baseball player treated it as such. Jesus Montero of the Seattle Mariners is accused of taking out some of his frustrations by throwing an ice cream sandwich. At a person.

Montero is a major league baseball player but has been rehabbing an injury in the minor leagues. A couple weeks ago, Montero was doing some coaching at fire base during a game. Witnesses say that at the end of an inning, a Mariners scout told a less-than-briskly-walking Montero to move a little faster when getting off the field. The scout then apparently ordered an ice cream saved to be delivered to Montero in the dugout. Then things allegedly escalated rather quickly. Witnesses say Montero approached the scout in the stands with a bat, yelling profanities. Montero then allegedly threw the ice cream sandwich at the scout.

There’s a backstory here, one that might help explain why Montero did not appreciate the ice cream sandwich gesture. When Montero showed up for spring training this year, he was 40 pounds overweight. That sort of thing is frowned up in the world of professional athletics.

Still, the Seattle Mariners organization was not exactly thrilled by this apparent ice cream sandwich-throwing incident. Montero has been suspended for the reminder of the season. The club says this action was taken so that Montero can focus on his “off-field” issues. The scout involved was sent home and his future with the organization seems unclear.

It also seems wrong to waste an ice cream sandwich in an attempt to prove a point in a juvenile way. Also, as little kids are told all the time, we don’t throw things.

Let’s all try to remember the true purpose of ice cream.

Get Ready for Apple Caramel Crumb

apple caramel crumb

Summer is over (at least unofficially). Of course, this has many people feeling bummed. Don’t be one of them.

There are still plenty of things to look forward to with fall on the horizon.

How about ice cream? Think ice cream is just a summer treat? Think again. Ice cream is a treat to be enjoyed all year round.

Praline’s loves serving up delicious seasonal flavors so that ice cream lovers can enjoys certain ice creams and flavors during certain times of the year.

One of the most popular seasonal flavors is just now returning to Praline’s locations. We are talking about Apple Caramel Crumb. Just the name itself sounds good. Those who’ve had the blessing of tasting this creamy, cold concoction already know of its deliciousness. It is one of the true favorites on the Praline’s ice cream menu. Folks often ask if it’s available and when it will be returning.

So why is Apple Caramel Crumb so darn delicious? It starts with quality. Praline’s ice cream has the fresh, homemade taste that cannot be replicated by anything you’ll find in a store freezer section. Apple Crumb Caramel is cinnamon apple ice cream swirled with caramel sauce and cinnamon crumbs.

Fall is a time for apple picking and apples pies. Apple Caramel Crumb is ice cream that just tastes like it should be dessert to a hearty fall meal, like a bowl of chili or homemade soup. apple picking

The fresh ingredients used in this ice cream are all about Praline’s commitment to quality. Praline’s knows that fresh is better. All of Praline’s ice cream is made from scratch, in-house, at the individual store locations. The freshness is in the taste, just like an apple picked off a tree. The best seasonal flavors like Apple Caramel Crumb give people one more reason to look forward to fall.

Ice Cream That Tastes Like Fall

fall ice cream

We don’t mean to disappoint you, but summer is almost over. Next week is Labor Day and that’s about it for summer fun.

The good news is, fall follows summer and fall can be pretty awesome. There’s football and apple picking and Halloween, hay rides and homecoming parades, apple picking and apple pies, turning leaves and foliage tours. There’s a lot of fun to be had during fall.

There’s also ice cream. There’s always ice cream.

Ice cream is America’s favorite summer sweet treat but there is still plenty to enjoy about ice cream once fall rolls around.

Praline’s takes great pride is developing delicious seasonal ice cream flavors. It’s another pleasant way to enjoy ice cream all year long.

Perhaps no fruit is associated with the season of fall more than the apple (yeah, you could make a case for the pumpkin, but we’re giving the slight edge to the apple). Praline’s delivers a true taste of fall with Apple Caramel Crumb, cinnamon apple ice cream with caramel sauce and cinnamon crumbs. Reminds us of the pies Aunt Bea used to make.

Speaking of pumpkin, fall is the season when you’ll see pumpkin-flavored everything. Praline’s is right there, serving up scoops of delicious pumpkin ice cream.

Back to pies. Fall is football season AND baking season. No one wants to eat ice cream that tastes like a football so let’s concentrate on the baking part. If you head to any farms or orchards this fall, you’ll probably come across homemade blueberry pies. Why not try some homemade blueberry ice cream. Praline’s has Blueberry Schnapps ice cream, blueberry schnapps liquor blended with fresh blueberries.

If baking brownies in the fall is your thing, try some Brownie Chip ice cream. This is chocolate ice cream with brownie pieces and chocolate chunks.

Want Some Cheese with that Ice Cream?

blue cheese

It seems like every day someone is trying out a new flavor of ice cream. Creators of ice cream are also trying out new and inventive things.

That doesn’t mean all of these culinary ideas will work. Some of these crazy concoctions sound…a little crazy.

Like blue cheese ice cream. Yup, that’s a thing.

Some ice cream shops are serving up ice cream that contain actual chunks of blue cheese. In fact, one ice cream spot in the UK is offering blue cheese and cream cracker ice cream. They also offer pint of ale and pack of Twigglets ice cream (must be a British thing).

This sounds like you would need to REALLY like blue cheese to enjoy this ice cream, but we try and keep an open mind when it comes to frosty culinary creations.

Cheese as a dessert item is not completely unheard of. Apparently the French are known to eat cheese for dessert from time to time. Surely, the blue cheese will bring a salty-and-sweet flavor combination to the ice cream, similar to salty caramel ice cream. And salty caramel ice cream is gooooooodd.

Search the internet and, sure enough, you’ll find plenty of recipes for blue cheese ice cream. Judging from the search results, many people that are liking and making blue cheese ice cream and pairing it with…pears.

One such recipe is for poached pear galette with blue cheese ice cream. Apparently, galette is a crusty-type substance that is edible.

It also seems like blue cheese ice cream is not too difficult to make, if you go down that route. You can use your standard garden-variety supermarket blue cheese along with standard ice cream ingredients like cream and sugar.

If this isn’t your thing, don’t despair. There are plenty of different ice cream flavors to sample.

The Ice Cream That Changes Color

color changing ice cream

Ice cream is all about flavor. It also comes in different colors, almost all of which are based on flavors. In fact, many of us can spot our favorite ice cream flavor just by seeing the color.

Yet what would you do if the ice cream changed colors?

One Spanish scientist has created color-changing ice cream. The physician and electrical engineer calls his ice cream Xamaleon.

The ice cream starts out as blue, an unusual color for ice cream. It is then sprayed with something the scientist calls a “love elixir”. This mystery substance will help the ice cream change color. After the ice cream is sprayed, it turns a deep purple. This takes about ten to fifteen seconds. The ice cream further changes color as it is licked.

The flavor of the color-changing ice cream is referred to as Tutti Frutti. It’s made with several natural ingredients including strawberries, almonds, cocoa, banana, pistachio, vanilla, caramel and unnamed “exotic fruits”.

So how does this colorful concoction actually change colors? Well, there we’re in kind of a gray area. The inventor is keeping tight-lipped about the food science behind his ice cream invention. He also has a patent pending.

This might not be the end of the multi-colored ice cream road. One Spanish newspaper reports the inventor is working on new flavors, including one that changes from white to pink and another that changes color under the ultraviolet lights found in nightclubs. Sound appetizing?

It will be tough to get a lick of this ice cream. Currently, it is only being sold at the inventor’s shop in Blanes, Spain.

There’s always a way to get delicious ice cream, even if it doesn’t change colors during licking. Head down to Praline’s and get a couple of scoops of your favorite flavor. Or color.

3D Printer Ice Cream

3D printed ice cream

Ice cream comes in many forms. There are ice cream cones. Ice cream in a dish. Ice cream sundaes. Ice cream cakes and ice cream pies. Ice cream in milkshakes and ice cream in root beer floats.

But printed ice cream?

Yup. Kind of.

It’s 3D printed ice cream. Three students at MIT have created a 3D printing machine…for ice cream. Apparently the three hacked a 3D printer and hooked it up to an ice cream maker to create a device that can deliver soft-serve ice cream in 3D shapes. The three students say they designed the 3D ice cream printer to get kids excited about technology. They insist this was a way to get kids to ask questions about science and technology. It’s likely to get kids just as excited about ice cream that comes in a variety of shapes. This experiment also seems like it was a fun way to make some ice cream.

3D printing is the process of making three-dimensional objects from a digital file. It starts by making a virtual design of the desired object. It’s made in a computer file using a 3D modeling program.

Imaging trying to do this with ice cream. The MIT students had to “print” the ice cream in a cooled environment so that the ice cream would hold its shape once it was printed. They used a small freezer that was large enough to hold the printer and the finished 3D ice cream shape.

The students also used liquid nitrogen to hold the ice cream in place once it shot out of the 3D printer nozzle and into the desired. A lot of work for some cool-looking ice cream.

If you like your ice cream served up in more traditional fashion, stop by Praline’s. Summer is a great time to reintroduce yourself to great flavors like Beez Neez and Cookie Kaboom. No science lessons required. pralines cup

Do We Still Love Our Ice Cream?

pralines ice cream cone

It’s summer (July to be exact) and that means we are in the prime of ice cream season. Ice cream goes down great any time of the year, but summer is the time when people make a point to grab a frosty treat.

Why do you think Ronald Reagan chose July as the month to designate “National Ice Cream Month”? Say what you will, the nation’s 40th president had impeccable timing. July is a perfect month to celebrate ice cream…with ice cream. A double scoop of Beez Neez should be as much a summer tradition as fireworks and cookouts on the Fourth of July.

But are we eating less ice cream?

I know what you are thinking: “That sounds like crazy talk.” According to a recent report, people in the U.S. spent $13.7 billion on ice cream last year and figure doesn’t include restaurant sales.
pralines beez neez

However, the same article points to a downward trend in the ice cream world. Reportedly, the average American eats ice cream about 28.5 times this year. That’s down 45% from 25 years ago. In 1989, the average American devoured ice cream 41.3 times.

There are reasons given for this drop-off. Healthier eating, healthier lifestyles and a great abundance of things like frozen yogurt. People want less fat and less sugar. Yet, frozen yogurt sales have flattened over the last several years as well.

We all know that ice cream is a dessert best enjoyed in moderation. And there are more consumer choices for people nowadays. That’s a good thing. Plus, we recognize ice cream for the special treat that it is. And those times enjoying ice cream are more likely to help us create new memories and remember times past of warm summer nights and cold, delicious ice cream. Ice cream is here to stay and we wouldn’t have it any other way.