Ice Cream with a Little Something Extra

viagra ice cream
It’s 2014 and everyone wants to get creative and find the next big thing. This thought process even applies to ice cream.

There are hundreds of delicious ice cream flavors using ingredients we would never thought of using years ago. We are all for ice cream creativity, but are things starting to get a little out of hand?

One British ice cream maker has created an ice cream flavor that includes 25 mg of Viagra in every scoop.

We’re going to assume everyone knows the purpose of Viagra. So what else is in this special ice cream? Well, it also includes champagne as a key ingredient. In fact, the ice cream is supposed to taste like champagne.

The British ice cream maker is not exactly taking credit for this little blue pill ice cream idea. He tells one news organization the Viagra ice cream concoction is a custom order. The ice cream maker says this was the request of a high profile customer. The ice cream maker is not revealing the customer’s identity and says he was forced to sign a confidentiality agreement. Apparently, it’s an “A-list celebrity client”.
viagra ice cream 2
The 25 mg of Viagra in each scoop represents the lowest prescribed dosage of the drug. Oh, and if you are hoping to try some Viagra ice cream, you may be out of luck. The British ice cream maker says there are no place right now to mass produce this ice cream flavor for commercial sale. Besides, who knows if the FDA would even allow such a thing?

You don’t need a prescription drug to enjoy great ice cream. In fact, there are unique, great flavors available at ice cream shops that believe in using only the best and freshest ingredients. You don’t need to be an A-list celebrity and no confidentiality agreement is required.

Fresh Milk & Ice Cream

skimmed milk powder

All ice cream is pretty good.

Most ice cream is great.

I think we can all agree the more natural ingredients there are in ice cream, the better the ice cream. However, let’s be realistic. Big companies that produce mass amounts of ice cream have to watch the bottom line. Sometimes that means the natural stuff gets replaced by a cheaper alternative.

Now ice cream makers are turning to fresh milk. The reason? Cost.

The price of skimmed milk powder is on the rise and the price spike is hitting ice cream makers in the wallet. Skimmed milk powder is a key ingredient for many ice cream manufacturers. Because of the milk powder price hike, many ice cream companies are increasing the procurement of fresh milk. The idea is to reduce cost without sacrificing taste.

Some ice cream companies have increased their fresh milk procurement by about 20 percent. One major ice cream manufacturer, Baskin-Robbins, says it may have to take steps and consider other options if skimmed milk powder prices continue to rise. Baskin-Robbins says, for now, it is still using skimmed milk powder in its ice cream.

It seems the increase is also hurting company margins. This means the price hike pain may eventually by passed down to consumers in the form of cost increases.

One ice cream maker explains that skimmed milk powder is an important part of making ice cream, saying that skimmed milk powder helps achieve the right flavor and texture.

Milk accounts for about 20 percent of the input cost for ice cream.

All-natural ice cream makers are less likely to be impacted by the rising cost of skimmed milk powder. Dairies that make ice cream are very likely already using fresh milk in their products.
pralines beez neez

Using the best ingredients available is a surefire way to create ice cream that is wholesome and delicious.

The Wine Ice Cream Controversy

wine ice cream
One of the many great things about ice cream is the variety. Sure, you’ve got the traditional favorites like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Can’t go wrong with any of those.

Plus, you’ve got tasty creations that are unique to certain ice cream shops. Praline’s is proud to serve up Beez Neez. This flavor is a winner for everyone who loves ice cream.pralines beez neez It’s knee-slapping good stuff. It’s graham-flavored ice cream with a graham cracker ripple and chocolate honeycomb candy. Praline’s also offers ice cream flavors for the over-21 crowd. Rum Raisin is rum-flavored ice cream filled with rum-soaked raisins. White Russian ice cream is light coffee ice cream flavored with vodka and coffee liquor. Both the Rum Raisin and the White Russian ice creams contain alcohol.

Those flavors might not have had a chance to go on sale in Louisiana.

Seems some stores would like to add wine-infused ice cream to store coolers. One problem: There are a lot of state lawmakers that are cool to the idea.

Apparently the lawmakers are afraid minors could get drunk off the alcohol-infused ice cream. Now there’s an ice cream debate underway.

Louisiana’s Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control says state lawmakers need to authorize the sale of alcohol-infused ice cream before it can sit in grocery store freezers. Some of the ice cream in question comes with names like Red Raspberry Chardonnay and Cherry Merlot. There are also Buzz Bars, ice cream bars that contain whiskey, cognac, rum and lemon vodka among other flavors.

There is fear among some lawmakers that people under the age of 21 will buy the ice cream hoping to catch a buzz.

A bill that would allow the ice cream to be sold in stores has been shelved for now, as lawmakers try to work out language that would require ID to sell wine ice cream.

The Ice Cream Size Fight

ice cream lawsuit
Imagine not getting as much ice cream as you thought you were getting.

An Arizona man says that’s exactly what was happening to consumers at one major supermarket chain. In fact, he took legal action.


Follow along.

71-year-old Gerald Morris filed a lawsuit last year, accusing Fry’s Food Stores and its parent company Kroger of misleading customers by posting deceptive ice cream ads. He told one Arizona TV station that customers were being cheated out of “40 percent of their purchase”.

Morris claimed he saved more than a dozen ice cream ads that all listed the wrong weight of Kroger ice cream products, resulting in thousands of customers not getting what they paid for.

Morris claims the ice cream container label says it carries 48 ounces when, it reality, it contains 26, 29, 37 or 38 ounces, depending on the flavor He says customers thought they were buying 100 percent, paying for 100 percent, but receiving only 60 percent.

For now, Morris has run into a bit of a legal roadblock in his ice cream weight fight. Last month, a small claims court judge in Tucson decided that Morris fell short in proving his case and ruled in favor of Fry’s Food Stores.

Morris says he was hoping to win his ice cream case and lead the way for other ice cream buyers from across the country to receive compensation. He says he also wanted to receive $2,500 to pay for court costs and to be reimbursed for all the ice cream he bought in the last year.

None of that has happened. Yet.

However, Morris tells an Arizona TV station the legal maneuvers may not be over just yet. He says he may file another lawsuit, this time in superior court.

Sometimes it’s easier to just enjoy great, homemade ice cream and decide not to sweat the small stuff. Like how many ounces of ice cream are in an ice cream container.

An Ice Cream Cleanse?

ice cream cleanse
When it comes to dessert, there’s not much that tops ice cream. There’s nothing like a double-scoop ice cream cone on a warm summer day. And, like any great dessert, ice cream is best enjoyed in moderation. After all, a diet of just ice cream would never be healthy….right?

Tell that to the folks running an ice cream shop in Venice, California. They’ve come up with an ice cream cleanse. Yes, you read that correctly…an ice cream cleanse.

You’ve probably heard about cleanses before. Juice cleanses have been popular over the last few years. But would an ice cream cleanse really work?

Before we get too far, we should make one thing clear: This ice cream used in the cleanse is not actual dairy ice cream. It’s coconut milk.
ice cream cleanse 2
This four-day cleanse costs about $240. For that, you get five pints of the “ice cream”, which works out to about 1,200 calories a day. The ice creams are raw, organic and coconut-based. While they don’t contain any dairy, they do contain honey. The cleanse consists of five servings a day over a four-day period. There are different flavors. The Master Cleanse flavor includes ingredients like lemon, cayenne pepper and honey. Sound appetizing?

The good news: You may very well lose weight on this cleanse diet. The bad news: It may not be all that healthy. Big surprise, right? One nutritionist says the coconut-based ice cream may not provide a person with enough daily nutrients. The quick weight loss will likely be because of the calorie count, just 12,000 for an entire day. But you are also taking in 70 grams of fat and more than 120 grams of sugar per day.

Maybe it’s best to enjoy real ice cream in its natural form from time to time. No one says you need to make all-natural ice cream a staple of your daily diet. Just enjoy it when it’s time for a sweet treat that never disappoints.

Ice Cream and the Calorie Count

calorie lable
We all love ice cream. But have you ever eaten a little too much ice cream and felt guilty about it? Hey, we’ve all been there. To err is human and to err with ice cream is natural. In fact, if you’ve ever downed a pint of ice cream during one sitting, then glanced with a wince at the calorie and fat count listed on the container, you’re not alone. And it probably won’t be the last time you sneak a peek. However, those labels may look different the next time.

Late last month, the Food and Drug Administration announced plans to overhaul the system of nutrition labeling. This represents the first change in the labeling system in two decades. The FDA says the goal in revamping the labeling is to save consumers the hassle of trying to calculate the fine print. The proposed changes will apparently reflect America’s fondness for bigger food serving portions and sizes. Among the changes is increasing the print size calories counts on labels. In other words, you won’t need to squint anymore to read how many calories you just consumed. The FDA commissioner says the new labels will be more “user-friendly”. I guess it’s how you look at things.

Right now, half a cup of ice cream is considered a “single serving”. The new labels would increase the single serving size to one cup. They will also double the calorie count. The idea is not to make us feel bad about how many calories we are ingesting. It’s to make us aware of the amount of calories we are consuming. The new labels will also make clear what products have had extra sugar added to them.

This serves as a great reminder of this rule to live by: Everything in moderation. We love great, homemade ice cream in wonderful creative flavors. It’s just a good idea to be sensible when enjoying sweet treats.

ice cream economics
There is a lot to love about ice cream. It just might be America’s favorite dessert. Turns out ice cream can also help deliver life lessons.

Earlier this year, a school teacher in Michigan invited a local ice cream shop owner to deliver a lesson in money and economics to some elementary school students. Dozens of youngsters were taught about supply and demand, goods and services and how certain things (like money) can sometimes be scarce in life.

They also learned about some of the things that go into running a small business. The ice cream shop was used as an example of such a business.

The students’ teacher had hoped to take the students to a local ice cream shop, but funding was not available. So, the business owner came to the students. She explained how terms like goods, service, producer and consumer related to the ice cream business. Students were then tested on their newfound knowledge to see what they had learned.

Among the things they learned was the difference between good and services. Goods, they learned, are things that can be touched, like an ice cream cone. Services, like a haircut, cannot be touched.

Ice cream and toppings were used as sweet treats and learning tools. The students were served vanilla ice cream. If they wanted to add toppings like whipped cream, chocolate syrup or sprinkles, they had to “pay” for the toppings by agreeing to read 20 minutes at home.

We love this example of how ice cream was used in the classroom, both as a treat and as a learning tool. We also appreciate the ice cream shop owner taking time to give back to the community. A favorite ice cream shop, locally owned and operated, can be a special place in a community. It’s a place where memories are created and delicious ice cream is enjoyed by family and friends.

Ice Cream at 35,000 Feet

humphry slocombe ice cream
It’s always fun to get ice cream. Yet some people just can’t decide on a flavor. Ever been in line for ice cream behind someone who just can’t make that all-important flavor decision? We get it. Sometimes it’s tough to choose.

Now the people who fly on one airline are being given the honor of making an important ice cream decision. Three new ice cream flavors have been created for first-class passengers on Virgin America. Here’s the thing: Only one of the new flavors will be served on flights.

The three ice creams are creations from Humphry Slocombe, a San Francisco-based ice cream shop. The three flavors are Butter By Moodlight (buttery with a blueberry glaze), Red Hot Banana (featuring real Red Hot Candies) and Coconut Blond Ambition (vanilla marshmallow Fluff with lemon sorbet). All three of the ice creams are hand-made.

The voting will be done on social media. Passengers and fans have until Friday, February 28th, to tweet their favorites. The flavor that prompts the most tweets will be delivered daily to the terminal in San Francisco and served in first class on flights to New York, Newark, Boston and Washington D.C. starting next month. Passengers who want ice cream, but don’t want anything too crazy, will still be able to order Tahitian Vanilla (which we assume tastes like vanilla).

It seems like ice cream is always evolving as new flavors are created. Perhaps this is no limit to the flavors that can be created with ice cream. It seems the culinary world will never stop trying.

Of course, there is no need to fly from California to New Jersey to try different and delicious flavors of ice cream. Here in Connecticut, you can sample creations like Beez Neez and Cookie Kaboom. In fact, there are so many great flavors, you may have trouble deciding. Just remember to think of the person behind you.

Bone Marrow & Ice Cream?

bone marrow

When it comes to ice cream, lots of people are traditionalists. Vanilla and chocolate always rank high when surveys are taken on America’s favorite ice cream flavors. Others like to try something newer and equally delicious like Cookie Kaboom or Beez Neez.beez neez

One of the many great things about ice cream is that because there are so many different flavors to try, you’ll never run out of reasons to keep eating ice cream.

It’s true that flavors have gotten more creative over the years. We’ve found places that add bacon to ice cream and you can find people that fully support the marriage of olive oil and ice cream.

But bone marrow ice cream?

That’s what is being served up by one ice cream maker in Portland, Oregon. The folks who run Salt & Straw, a small ice cream maker, are testing Bone Marrow and Bourbon Smoked Cherry ice cream. The ice cream is actually made with bone marrow, which features a lot of fat. This ice cream is made with 17% butterfat, which gives it a very thick, creamy base.

The shop is using a smoky bone marrow to go along with the bourbon-soaked cherries. The people at Salt & Straw say bone marrow is the base ingredient to many salty foods like soups and barbecue sauce, so why not ice cream? The makers say that smoky bone marrow combined with the bourbon-smoked Bing cherries is a “match made in heaven”.

This is homemade ice cream and that fact is reflected in the ingredients. The Salt & Straw recipe calls for two cups heavy cream, one cup whole milk and one pound of marrow bones. The marrow bones are dropped into boiling water, then removed and allowed to cool. The marrow is removed from the bones and rendered over low heat. The liquid marrow is eventually poured into the ice cream mixture.bone marrow ice cream

The flavor remains in its testing stages. It could be available in store by summer.

Ice Cream for Valentine’s Day

valentine's day ice cream
Valentine’s Day is this week and that puts candy (and romance) on the minds of many people.

Why not ice cream?

We think ice cream is a great romantic edible treat. And we’re not the only ones. Our friends at the Daily Meal are passing along some flavor ideas that really work for Valentine’s Day. There are plenty of delicious flavors out there that can help set the mood for romance:

Crème Brulee: Yes, we know it’s an actual dessert but the folks at Haagen Dazs are also delivering this in ice cream scoop form. They are serving Crème Brulee-flavored ice cream by the pint. Crème Brulee is one of those great desserts that tops off a romantic dinner at a fine restaurant. If you are staying in this Valentine’s Day, this might be a sweet substitute. If you like an after-dinner drink, you might want try Haagen Dazs’s take on Bailey’s Irish Cream ice cream.

Red Velvet Cake: Red Velvet Cake seems to be everywhere these days, from cupcakes to pancakes. The ice cream version has got all the right colors for Valentine’s Day. This allows you to have cake (kind of) and ice cream on Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate Covered Berries: Chocolate is HUGE on Valentine’s Day. And there are lots of great marriages of chocolate and ice cream. Blue Bell makes this cherry-flavored ice cream with a chocolate swirl.

Chocolate Therapy: Ben & Jerry’s came up with this creation of chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookies and swirls of chocolate pudding ice cream.

If you want terrific ice cream made right here in Connecticut, head down to Praline’s to try some of these flavors that are sure to make hearts flutter:

Dulce De Leche: Caramel-flavored ice cream with a caramel ripple. Smooth and sweet.

Truthfully Cherry: Chocolate Thunder ice cream with a chocolate cherry ripple, cherry cordials, maraschino cherries and chocolate flakes. It’s like the ice-cream version of a dozen long-stemmed roses. pralines truthfully cherry